Sponge-Jet SaberBlast™ Long Venturi Nozzle

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Inner Size: #6 (3/8" / 9.5 mm)
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The new SaberBlast™ nozzle is a revolutionary innovation. Sponge-Jet has developed this nozzle in collaboration with Pennsylvania State University (Penn State). By using new knowledge from the field of aerodynamics and by considering the blasting agent and the air flow as two separate parts during the development, scientists have been able to create an optimal speed/volume ratio. The result is a nozzle design that produces up to 50% higher production speeds without the need for more air pressure. The blasting agent is accelerated by about 20-25% more and therefore causes a 44-50% increase in the kinetic energy. This increase in production saves the use of 20-25% air consumption compared to other nozzles and therefore prevents the higher costs of the compressor's energy consumption. In addition, the blaster can achieve a higher production, resulting in further savings (in blast hours).

The inner casing of the nozzle is made of a silicon nitride composite. This is a very hard ceramic material with high strength in a wide temperature range, an average thermal conductivity, low coefficient of expansion, a rather high modulus of elasticity and an unusually high breaking resistance. This unusual combination of properties provides excellent thermal shock resistance, the ability to withstand great mechanical stress and exceptional abrasion resistance. Silicon nitride was one of its first applications as a nozzle for rocket engines in the late 1950s. Because the material is very complex to produce and naturally occurs only in minuscule particles in meteorites, it was only available to the industry in the late 1990s. Sponge-Jet is one of the few producers in the world that has made a silicon nitride nozzle affordable for the surface treatment industry. Highly suitable for extremely hard abrasive such as aluminiumoxide.

Specific SaberBlast™ nozzle properties:
• Causes an approximate 15-25% higher impact speed
• The higher productivity results in a saving in the required working hours
• Developed specifically for SpongeMedia™ abrasive
• Can also be used with conventional blasting abrasive
• Antistatic
• Available in various sizes¹
• Optional: protective cover against damage


classificatie Long Venturi
draad 50 mm (2")
materiaal Silicon Nitride Composite

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