Sponge-Jet Silver 320DG SpongeMedia™

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This Sponge Media product is for sensitive industrial surface preparation, the resurfacing of existing coatings or delicate substrate treatment. Sponge impregnated with 320-grit Aluminum Oxide for controlled layer by layer coating removal. The fine particle size of this Sponge Media product allows for more uniform treatment of detailed surfaces and increased production. Recyclability is lower; ricochet and dust are more pronounced compared with standard Sponge Media products.


The SpongeMedia™ is packed in loose bags. When ordering 3 or more bags, these are placed on a pallet. We can place up to 70 bags of SpongeMedia™ on a pallet.

About Sponge-Jet
Sponge-Jet is an alternative to conventional blasting. The product is produced by Sponge-Jet Inc, an American company. The Media is manufactured in accordance with the latest standards (SSPC-AB4) and is ISO 9001 certified. The power of the system is the patented SpongeMedia™ blasting agent. It consists of two components. An artificial (polyurethane) sponge serves as a carrier for a blasting agent, such as aluminum oxide or glass beads. A Sponge-Jet Feed Unit (blast pot) drives the SpongeMedia™ abrasives to a surface using compressed air. Via a centralized control panel, the blasting pressure and media delivery speed can be adjusted so that the desired (accurate) result can be achieved. The sponge is crushed at impact and then cleans or rubs the surface using the impregnated blasting agent. The sponge then expands, which creates a vacuum, so that the detached coatings and contaminants are collected. The SpongeMedia™ can absorb up to 95% of the released waste material and significantly reduces the formation of (fine) dust and harmful emissions. The weighted sponge has almost no kinetic energy left and falls into the immediate vicinity. Because there is much less dust development, the user can clearly follow his progress and protective measures, such as personal protective equipment, can be made lighter.

Note: In order to use Sponge-Jet blasting agents, you need an associated Sponge-Jet Feed Unit (blast pot).


classificatie DG-Variant
Intensiteit 5 - Delicate Blasting
Korrel / Reinigingsmiddel Aluminiumoxide
toepassing Stralen - Delicaat

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